Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Find other Playstation 3 Gamers - Add Yourself To The Map!

Sony PlayStation 3 Gamers Map

How can I add myself to a Map?
It's easy! Here's how you add yourself to a Map:
  1. Log in to your Profile (or, if you don't have a Profile, don't worry! We'll make one for you automatically when you add yourself to a Map. If you don't have a profile, just go to, click "Maps" at the top, then go on to #2 below)
  2. Find a Map that you'd like to join
  3. In the "Add Yourself" section on the right, fill out the required information
  4. Click "Add Me!"

1 comment:

187 said...

i need help setting up online witht the ps3. already called isp and got DNS. still dont work. keep getting DNS 80710102. need major help. do i need to get the new update or what? help